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"the game was rigged from the start."

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Stay classy New Vegas.

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Apr 7 '14
Apr 5 '14



aw shit im trapped


Charon help me out will ya buddy?


Charon you piece of shit

Mar 28 '14

"Bull and Bear over the Dam, at each others throats… but a light from Vegas? Ball spinning on the wheel, more than two at the table, placing bets.

All lose in different ways, a dam of corpses, towns of corpses, scattered across the sand. But whose, in what shares? Even the dealer doesn’t know.

Forecast: A rain of blood will flood the desert and not purify it.”

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Mar 23 '14
Mar 23 '14

Fallout Characters:  Veronica Santangelo (x)

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Mar 13 '14

Fallout New Vegas: Factions And Their Leaders: (Part 2)

Mar 8 '14

Brotherwood of Seal


Brotherwood of Seal

Feb 21 '14


We all have our different opinions. Fallout 3 or New Vegas, which DLC is the best, which companion is the best, fuck Benny or fuck Benny, Legion or NCR…

but I think we can all agree…

Fuck the guy who invented giant fire ants.

Feb 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

Even though you weren't to know I don't think I will ever be able to forgive you.

Feb 17 '14


Evacuate the Mojave

always reblog

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Feb 14 '14


i did a thing

Feb 10 '14
Used to call me “Whiskey Rose” back West, before I punched enough people. So now they say it, but quiet and when I’m not around.

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Feb 6 '14


i’m still really disappointed that the caesar’s legion in nv weren’t started by some guy walking into caesar’s palace casino and thinking “hell yeah”

Feb 4 '14
Feb 2 '14




Fallout In real life

I grew up in Arizona and thus had the chance to visit a lot of these places before I saw them in the game. Walking around all of these places that I had actually been was surreal and amazing.